Sherman Oaks

Sherman Oaks is a district of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley and is 8.1-square-miles in size. Sherman Oaks is bordered to the east by Studio City, to the north by Van Nuys, to the west by Encino and to the south by the Santa Monica Mountains.

It was in 1913, when anticipating the Los Angeles Aqueduct, that Sherman Oaks became one of the first San Fernando Valley communities to witness extensive real estate development. In 1910, the Los Angeles Suburban Homes Company bought 47.5 thousand acres of the southeast San Fernando Valley.

A subdivision map, Tract 1000, was filed with LA County in 1911. Of tract, one of the comapny’s owners, General Moses Hazeltine Sherman, purchased for himself 1,000 acres. Sherman subdivided the property in 1927, and sold acres of the land for $780 each. In October 1948, Sherman Oaks was incorporated and since then Sherman Oaks real estate for sale has been hot property.

Real Estate for sale in Sherman Oaks has had non-stop growth since then. These days, never mind an acre of land in Sherman Oaks, $780 will not purchase you a single month’s rent for a studio apartment !

The area is relatively urbanized, in contrast to much of the Valley, with many commercial properties along Ventura Blvd including shops, offices and restaurants. Additionally, the residential density is greatly varied, with apartment and condos next to single story residential homes. Sherman Oaks is a local hub for shopping, business and transportation in the area, and is part of the Los Angeles Unified School District.